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Here you will soon find information on the project we are developing in four phases over several years - renamed Chinook Ridge Castle & RV Park.  The first phase, the castle/event centre & RV park, needs to operate properly before the next phase is planned or started, although some background work needs to be done in advance- behind the scenes at a political level so it is ready before breaking ground on that subsequent phase.

It is really too early for bookings
Right now Chinook Ridge is only a concept. land re-designation was achieved in November, 2012 but plans had to be shelved and revamped.  Now we have assembled a team of professionals to bring the new plan to fruition and are unveiling our NEW concept here with a proposed opening date in the summer of 2019.  Stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime check out the design on the Concept Drawings & Design page and sign-up for the blog feed so you can hear the rumors first hand:)

Our intentions are to use the most environmentally friendly products, systems and building materials available.Next comes our Water License applications, then the Development Permit, followed by the building permit.  Each new milestone we approach and goal we accomplish will be posted here. It seems to take forever for each phase to be worked through. Please bear with us. 

Sign up for our Blog RSS feed or find us on Facebook where we will post information on the various stages of development including the construction tendering phase.  Later stay tuned for special events like our Grand Opening (medevil themed) and others which may take the form of dinner theatre, special theme dinners, performances or charitable events.


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Preliminary Chinook Ridge Castle drawings.

November 30th, 2018
This is a good rendition of what the Chinook Ridge Castle will look like.  It will banquet seat 200 in the main floor...Click here to read more detail about 'Preliminary Chinook Ridge Castle drawings.'