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Blog updates
Development Permit Drawings
Preliminary Chinook Ridge Castle drawings.
Preliminary Architectural Drawings
A kick my own butt kind of week
New Beginnings, Fresh Energy
Looking for smaller chunks to shape into a go forward plan.
Still on the back burner
Life Changes
Staking Points of reference
Progress Update
Update on progress
Progress Update
Revised design & layout
Proud of our Alberta born Designer
Planning & Development
Updates to web site
We did it! 7 to 2!
The BIG DAY is Here!
Update from SAIT class
Update on the 574
Mark YOUR Calendars!
105 Letters in Support of Redesignation
Results of the safety review
Update on the 574
Almost there
Sod Hut in the Trees
Project Pusher is now Pulling Up Hill!
Update on Letters to the County
Spring Birds have arrived!
Chapel in Spring
WOW!!! Eureka!!! 50 Letters at RVC
April 30th Update on Letters Received
More Friends came to Help!
Progress so far
A smidge of the Way up hill
Call for Letters!
Dinner Out
Hitching Post News article on Chinook Ridge
Call for Letters!
Full Line of Hay Equipment For Sale
News Article on the 574
Public Hearing
Facebook page
County rejects rural golf course
Public Hearing
Public Hearing
Feedback forms now available on site.
For Your Information Booklet
Public Information Open House
Submitted our Application
Moving forward
Work progresses
Soil Tests
Thank you!
Soil Tests
Some quick photos
Rock Cladding
Next phase of tests
Water Usage Philosophy
Snow Drifts
Water Licence Application
December 7th, 2010
March 10th, 2010
August 3, 2009 Letter to Neighbours
May 8th, 2008 Letter to Neighbours
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