Market Share
We have and will continue to draw clients from Calgary, population 1.2 million; Cochrane, population 20,000; Airdrie, population 35,000; and Rocky View County.  All of these centers are experiencing growth which places demand on existing recreational venues and infrastructure.  Our primary focus is to appeal to the larger groups of people who want a venue for a wedding, corporate retreat or to groups of tourists travelling together.  Our facility will be able to house 84 people in the lodge, two tour bus loads of people can be accommodated at one time; therefore we can attract clients in the desirable retreat & golf-tourism industries.  A large segment of the international tourism market demands organized group tours because people choose to travel together by bus or plane in large groups. 

The Lodge, by design, has a definitively rural motif and is intended to replicate a ‘hip roofed barn’; chosen because it blends well in a rural setting.  All bedrooms are in what would be considered the hay loft.  The large partitionable banquet hall (with stage) is purposely and strategically placed on the main floor of the ‘barn’ where it can take advantage of the majestic mountain views in the background and views of the rolling hills and fairways in the forefront.  The lower level of the Lodge features breakout or multi-purposes meeting rooms, spa and lounge facilities for male and female guests, a work-out and weight training gym, two small aesthetician’s stations, a spike room for quick snacks and Chinook Ridge’s operational office.

Competition and Tourism
There are several golf courses, community halls, and accommodation facilities scattered in the area, but none of these have the ability to attract tourists as a stand-alone operation by offering accommodation, banquet and recreation all in one place.  We believe these other golf courses in the area like Beaverdam, Tooth of the Dogpound, Water Valley, Forest Heights, Sundre or Gleneagles are not competition - we take the view that these courses will offer complementary services as they cater to increased golf tourism clientele and can benefit by increased numbers of players on their typically 'slow' days mid-week. Chinook Ridge's tourists, stay and play guests, will become green fee players at courses in the area as they search for variety.  We believe that with the right spirit and co-operative attitude, we will be adding to other golf course’s bottom line, not detracting from it.  It will be up to other course owners whether they wish to position themselves to take advantage of this opportunity.  Healthy competition and a free market place will improve everyone’s business as larger numbers of people come to the area because of the variety of amenities.  This in turn will make us all better businesses.  We trust that local area recreation and tourism venues will strive to provide excellent experiences for all visitors.

Though we are not out to attract the single green fee player, our target market is the larger corporate family or tourism function, we will naturally be available to local users when it is not booked for a private event.  Event organizers can consider Chinook Ridge Lodge & Golf Course as their ‘exclusive Country Club for the days they book it ‘enjoying all of the services the facility has to offer but with an ‘exclusive use’ feel to it. 

As a golf course, we will be the first in the area that must comply with stringent Water Licensing regulations prior to building.  We will be held to a higher standard of compliance with all environmental issues.  Other area courses obtained their Water Licences were basically ‘grandfathered-in’ as existing facilities.  We are required to meet strict guidelines with regard to the disposal of sewage, use of pesticides, etc.  A “state-of the art” facility that local area residents can be proud of and Rockyview County residents can point to with pride and satisfaction in knowing they had involvement in shaping Chinook Ridge’s presence and its positive impact on the community.

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