Market Share
We have and will continue to draw clients from Calgary, population 1.2 million; Cochrane, population 20,000; Airdrie, population 35,000; and Rocky View County.  All of these centers are experiencing growth which places demand on existing recreational venues and infrastructure.  Our primary focus is to appeal to the larger groups of people who want a venue for a wedding, corporate retreat or to groups of tourists travelling together. 

Competition and Tourism
There are several RV parks, community halls, and accommodation facilities scattered in the area, but none of these have the ability to attract tourists as a stand-alone operation by offering RV parking, banquet and recreation all in one place. 

We are required to meet strict guidelines with regard to the disposal of sewage, use of pesticides, etc.  A “state-of the art” facility that local area residents can be proud of and Rockyview County residents can point to with pride and satisfaction in knowing they had involvement in shaping Chinook Ridge’s presence and its positive impact on the community.

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