Chapel in the Woods 

Chapel in the Woods - May 2012

Chapel Interior

  Here is our Little Chapel in the Woods. 
  It only seats 20 to 24 people but it is
  great for acoustic guitar or meditation
  - if the birds outside don't destract you! 



  The lovely stained glass window was made
  available to us from the Cremona United
  Church who received 6 of them from
  another United Church in Ontario when they
  rebuilt in 1936. The 6 windows were lovingly
  packed in wooden crates and transported to
  Cremona for use in their new United Church
  built in 1937. They could only use 5 of the
  windows. The remaining window was stored
  in Vair Reid'shay loft from 1937 until 2003
  when he got word to us that it would be
  availalble if we made a donation to the
  Church.  We were happy to oblige.

Barry and Andy on scaffolding

|Stuart working on the front
  Well after 8 years of having this little
  Chapel in the Trees under construction
  I am overjoyed to have a crew of stone
  masons working onsite stone cladding
  the exterior.  Here are a few pictures of
  the crew consisting of Barry Morgan,
  Stuart Dawes, Andy Potton and Andy
  Townsend. After 2 full days they completed
  the 2 long walls.They will be back again
  on the May long weekend to complete the
  2 short walls.
                             A winter view of the finished Chapel in the Woods!

Chapel side

              The lovely cedar entry door was hand crafted by Ken Wardel of Water Valley.

Chapel front

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