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Here you will find information on the project we are developing. It is really too early for bookings
Right now Chinook Ridge Lodge is only a concept. We achieved land re-designation on November 6th, 2012.  We are currently working on obtaining our water licenses via Alberta Environment and our drawings for the cozy Country Inn that looks like a hip-roofed barn.  The 'hay loft' area will contain 42 guest rooms, a banquet room with kitchen on the main floor, and the lower/walk-out level will feature his & her spas, a snack bar/lounge, meeting rooms and a small pro shop.  Also included in the development are 45 RV stall.  All surrounded by a professionally designed golf course - the work of Rod Whitman (www.RodWhitman.com) who designed Cabot Links named by Golf Inc. magazine "Development of the Year 2012".   Our course doubles as landscape and recreation for both guests and the local community.  

Our intentions are to use the most environmentally friendly products, systems and building materials available. These two facets of the development (Inn and Course) are married for ecological benefit. The Lodge requires water for guest's use and for cleaning.  Effluent from the Lodge must be disposed of and the irrigation system provides an excellent disposal field (after treatment).  This provides a perfect solution as a golf course requires moisture. A perfect match!  We hope to use the KISSS irrigation system which provides moisture directly to the root zone reducing the amount of moisture required by 70% over conventional spray irrigation systems.

This website is to keep interested parties informed about the various issues in developing a retreat/recreation facility like this. Our Redesignation Hearing went before Rocky View Councillors on November 6, 2012. It was APPROVED by a 7 to 2 vote. Next comes our Water License applications, then the Development Permit, followed by the building permit.  Each new milestone we approach and goal we accomplish will be posted here. It seems to take forever for each phase to be worked through. Please bear with us.  Sign up for our Blog RSS feed or find us on Facebook where we will post information on the various stages of development including the construction tendering phase.  Later stay tuned for special events which may take the form of dinner theatre, special theme dinners, performances or charitable events.


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Staking Points of reference

June 1st, 2013
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